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* We offer special benefits to investors who partake in joint rental of the purchased apartment. Terms of the Agreement about business cooperation stipulate a monthly financial benefit for the purchasing party and which can significantly reduce the amount of the monthly instalment of the loan for the purchase of the apartment. Depending on the buyer’s credit worthiness, the monthly financial benefit can amount to the value of the loan’s monthly instalment. In this way, the investment can actually cost a prospective buyer 0 RSD.

Would you like to have your own gift of nature?

Do you daydream how great it would be to have your own piece of the horizon to look at?

Do you ever think how enjoyable it would be if you could just go somewhere, at the spur of the moment, somewhere where you could just be and renew your energy?
Somewhere where time and peace are abundant, while the little luxuries of contemporary life are not lacking?

Pegaz Holiday Resort offers you this possibility through their ‘Invest’ package. By investing into an apartment at Pegaz Holiday Resort you become a member of our SlowLiving family.

Hotel Pegaz Vrnjačka Banja
Hotel Pegaz Vrnjačka Banja
Hotel Pegaz Vrnjačka Banja

When you purchase an apartment at Pegaz Holiday Resort complex you have opened the door into a new kind of partnership.  Your investment will be returned in a multitude of ways.

Least of all, financially!

Special offer for buyers of apartments in Pegaz Holiday Resort !
Hotel Pegaz Vrnjačka Banja
Hotel Pegaz Vrnjačka Banja
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