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Dr Gifing centar za preventivnu medicinu i hrono ishranu
Dr Ana Gifing
An important part of Pegaz Holiday Resort Complex is the Center for Preventive Medicine and Chrono Diet. The Center is fully licensed by Dr Ana Gifing who pioneered this ground-breaking programme of looking after one’s wellbeing. The Center offers all diagnostic and preventive treatments developed by Dr Ana Gifing.
◆ Individual approach helps in setting plans for prevention of serious health conditions and in early detection and treatment of metabolic disorders.
◆ Measuring of body mass (BMI) and body composition on the InBody 720 analyser.
◆ Keeping track of the dynamics of body composition changes, also on the InBody 720 analyser.
◆ Determining individual in/tolerance to certain foods and other allergens and food ingredients by bioresonance device MORA; defining the foods that the patient should consume, i.e. avoid in everyday diet.
◆ Recommending a time schedule for the meals and intervals between them.
◆ Counseling regarding meals (preferred food combinations for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner).
◆ Recommending to avoid eating the foods for which there is a generally accepted view by health-care professionals that should be excluded (white flour, white sugar, salt in large amounts, artificial sweeteners, etc.).
◆ Recommending use of certain dietary supplements in order to achieve the objectives of the set chrono nutrition program based on anamnesis, parameters obtained by measuring on the InBody 720, current health status and laboratory findings.
◆ Counseling regarding physical activity – type of physical activity, its duration and weekly frequency.
◆ Improving elimination of toxins from the body (detoxification) by use of recommended supplementation (nutritional supplements based on vitamins / minerals / trace elements, etc.) and appropriate hydration (intake of water, herbal teas, lemonade and alike).
◆ Regulation of the acid-base balance of the body and bringing the level of body fluids acidification to a neutral level.
◆ Determining dominant energy source (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) necessary to maintain basal metabolic rate by measuring consumption of oxygen and carbon dioxide production in the body at rest.
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Full Gifing examination includes: InBody 720, Quantum Analyser, Bioplasma 9D, diet plan, supplements plan and workout plan.
Life balance - Dr Gifing pregled - Pegaz Holiday Resort

Hrono kamp

U sklopu bogatih i sadržajnih programa Pegaz Holiday Resort-a, u prilici smo da gostima ponudimo ekskluzivitet – i u okviru redovne ponude organizujemo HRONO KAMP dr Gifing. Program kampa u trajanju od 2 dana namenjen je svima koji žele nešto više od svog odmora i oni kojima je zdravlje na primarnom mestu u životu.

Hrono kamp dr Gifing u Vrnjačkoj Banji
Hotel Pegaz Vrnjačka Banja


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